5 Habits to Improve the Health of Your Joints

What impact does this have on your health? Slowly, your body will be unable to move due to the changes in the neurostructure caused by sitting for long periods of time. This can even impact the rate of death. This is why sitting can increase your chance of dying! Physical inactivity is responsible for about 6% of all deaths worldwide. To combat chronic illnesses like cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus (as well as certain types of cancer) and certain cancers, the World Health Organization recommends that adults engage in moderate-intensity exercise throughout the week.

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Humans are made to move. It is essential to make use of all muscles and joints to ensure that your body is working effectively. Chronic pain develops when you stop working your muscles. Joints that are tightened become fragile and cartilage starts to break down.

Most people spend time at the gym to strengthen their muscles and heart, but no one is listed on the list of women’s or men’s health because they have joints that are flexible and strong.

Strong and flexible joints can help you become more flexible, more durable, quicker and less likely be injured. Imagine if you have flexible pelvis joints and hips, reaching down to grab something off the floor wouldn’t be so difficult!

Here are 5 things you can do you to help your joints:

  1. Sit less

As mentioned previously, people who sit for longer periods of time live shorter lives. Sitting causes nerve signals to be less clear through your body back to your brain, reduces blood flow, tightens muscles , and doesn’t allow nutrients to get into joints, and flush out toxins. Sitting can cause lower back and hip pain.

“But Dr Herr, I drive for a living or work on computers every day”. Set a timer, and make sure to get up and move around every 30 minutes. If you work on computers, you should consider a standing desk or work standing for a bit.

  1. Do you do joint mobility or foam rolling?

Do some joint flexibility early in the morning. You have been sleeping and not moving for the entire night Joint mobility is a great way to ensure your joints are primed and prepared for the day. What’s the first thing your pet does after they awake after a night of sleep? They move!

Foam rolling. All the sitting and lack of movement will create tension and tightness in your muscles. They fall asleep when they don’t receive enough stimulation.

Contact us for assistance using our foam rolling and joint mobility exercises.

  1. Walk more

The act of walking can cause joints to move. Walking causes the joints to compress and decompress sending the cartilage’s nutrients to move the toxins out.

  1. Make use of Collagen and Vitamin C. Collagen provides proteins you can use to make YOUR BODY BUILDING BLOCKS TO BUILD STRONGER JOINTS. Vitamin C is also helpful in the production of collagen.
  1. Maintain good structure and a spine free of Neuro- Structural shifts

It’s no surprise that keeping a healthy spine essential for optimal joint function. Just think about it, if your hips sit off on the right side of your body, how much more stress is on your right knee and ankle. Pressure means more wear.

One of my teachers would tell me in class that movement is life. Therefore, take just a few minutes to improve your joint health , and your body will thank you.

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