Investing In China or Investing In Canada?

North America or China? Which is the best investment? How do I decide? Deciding where to put my money is a constant task as the flow and stability of world’s economies bounce around like a genuine rubber ball. Visit:-

As a relative newbie to the world of investment One of the most important criteria I have noticed to get good returns from my investments is “China”.

When I first began investing, I was of the opinion that supporting local initiatives was the best thing to do. When reality began to set in, I realized that among all the nations that exist, China is the place to invest if you want solid, secure and highly profitable returns.

The reasons why I chose China to invest in over any other country in the world is built on common sense as well as practicality. Here are a few.

  • In comparison to the majority of countries, such as Canada or the US, China has the most stable and stable government in the world.
  • The Chinese government is in the business of expanding its economy. It participates in, sensibly regulates and protects its participants (including the foreign investors)
  • It is believed that the Chinese government is trying to cleanse its surroundings. This is a massive undertaking considering the size and speed of growth of the economy.
  • China is one of two countries that currently have positive cash flow.
  • China consumes a very large percentage of its own production and is therefore not dependent on foreign trade for cash flow.
  • Investing in Chinese businesses can give a very quick and long term return on investment as there is a huge and ready consumer market already in place.

Contrary to this, many western governments are muddled by the most recent round of economic turmoil.

  • Many western politicians seem be more focused on how to get re-elected instead of how to effectively mobilize the economy.
  • The environmental cleanup isn’t cheap enough to try to do but is an excellent way to make western politicians appear to be caring. In addition, if they did adopt some sensible regulations that worked and forced environmental cleanup, it will cost them enough money that they’d lose all of their important contributions to their political parties.
  • There isn’t a western government that has a stable plan in place for rebuilding or expanding their economy. We are constantly varying between livings on a ship that has no rudder or one that is sinking.
  • The populace of North America is less than the population of China. A majority of the items we consume are produced offshore (likely in China) thus there are few good opportunities to invest in locally that are similar to those found in China So they aren’t there or don’t have enough consumers to make them profitable investments.
  • Due to the deficiency of population and the expense of bringing products on the market, period to earn a decent return on investment is considerably longer and much more risky.

North America is a great area to live in. Everybody on the planet is striving to make it here. To pay for living here and contribute to local economies, my dollar is spent in China. If we were to eliminate all the economic effects associated with China from all North American economies, we would not have a economy whatsoever!

Being a novice investor, it is my responsibility to base my decisions upon common sense. that means putting my money where it is most secure with the best chance of making a profit in very short time. I believe that China is the most reliable investment, as it supports both the local and world’s economies . It keeps my money in my bank!

I look forward to your feedback.

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