How To Reward Your Blog Readers For Their Loyalty

To offer rewards to your blog readers is an excellent way to let them know how much you care and appreciate them to take the time to visit, read and share your content. This is a great way to say, thank you for helping me grow my blog. OK, so if you fight the ideas on how to reward your readers, there are six simple but extremely popular and effective ideas, to help you return something to your loyal blog. Let’s start! 6 wonderful ways to reward your loyal blog readers host a monthly blog competition with a great price. Everyone loves competitions and blogs, a game can not only be a perfect way to reward their readers, but also an excellent way to bring their community, communicate with each other in their blog, especially if the Price is correct. Nowadays, the “money” seems to be a very popular price for many blog competitions, but understandable not all blogger can afford to give money, especially if they do not yet have money from blog. The blog competitions attract traffic, promotion, comment and attract new visitors to registration, especially if it makes a habit of organizing a great game regularly, once a month. Provide free free free content. Another excellent way to reward your blog readers is to give you exclusive content, hot things that can’t be anywhere else except your blog. Exclusive content can be available in the form of a free downloadable electronic book for subscribers, a range of useful video tutorials, some valuable podcast programs, an electronic course or any other desired location. Offers exclusive discounts on your premium products.

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If you have products from your account that sell on your blog (e-books, wordpress themes or additions, email courses, etc.), have considered offering some exclusive discount of “just members” of your product range, host days of special Discount on important dates, such as July 4 Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, or when your blog celebrates a new milestone or a birthday, even.
Give your products for free!

The alternative to offering discount is really to give you products for free! Here’s an example:

Every month, choose one of your most important commentators or email subscribers, and offers their last e-book or e-course or premium WordPress of course free.
Then, on your blog about it and in his publication, reveal the name of the happy person who receives your free product and scheme why they receive it, you will only see how many people register your next email bulletin, or start commenting on Your blog so you can be with the possibility of chosen for the coming months of draw.
You can also use this strategy with giving any other incentive, such as Amazon books, etc. Provide free services or consultations. If you offer a service by your blog, maybe some blog consultation, content writing services or thematic personalization services, logos design or anything else, consider offering a free service to one of your subscribers or main animals. Contact them and explain that you have chosen them as a member of the month and we would like to provide help or some free services for your loyalty. If you accept and all go well, you can blog the next month, choose another main commentary for your free services or expert help. What it does is really encourage new people to register with your e-mail conferent and promote your current audience to deliver more frequently on your blog. Choose a loyal reader or commentator every month and send it an Amazon-free gift card. Another suggestion to reward your loyal blog readers is to give free gift cards. They all love shopping on Amazon, indeed, I have been a little mad with the purchase of Kindle electronic books on Amazon. Anyway, you can buy a $ 10 gift card and send an email to a handful of your main commentators, maybe your 5 main reviews of the month are more or less. It is worth to contact them first to see if they can accept their gift card online or not. It’s just a few ideas to reward your blog readers for their continued loyalty to their blog, but the possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose to do, remember that loyalty rewards can help visitors or subscribers pay more attention to their content and be even more loyal to you and your blog in the future.

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