Passover: Bursting Through Your Enemies

You are about to witness the most significant moment in your life. This will be a memorable season. Never! Yes, we are going into conveyancers Passover Festival week and the LORD will repeat the same things he did in Egypt within your own life. God will free us from our physical, spiritual emotional, and financial slavery. He will smite our adversaries as well as their conspirators and gods. You’ve been through enough of that gas boiler service near me circumstance and it’s clear that it’s a powerful, divine ordinance similar to that of Passover night that can end your adversaries. He is God of patience, love and peace, but also God of vengeance and war. It also is God of mercy, as well as God of Judgment. He forgives those who repent and is also punishes the stubborn. We pick the side we want experience by the way we behave and how we act. If he offers a carrot but you don’t accept it or consider him and his word for granted, then he brings the stick. He went to great lengths for Pharaoh along with the Egyptians to allow the Israelites to go, but they took advantage of the chances and misconstrued his appeals as weak points. Israel was a long time in Egypt. They had spent around 400 years in Egypt according to the words that the LORD gave to Abraham. After the time was complete God sent Moses and Aaron to go and tell the king of Egypt to let his people go, “… I have surely seen the affliction of My people who are in Egypt, and have given heed to their cry in the face of their taskmasters since I am aware their troubles. “So I’ve come down to deliver them from the wrath of the Egyptians and to take them up from that land to a good and spacious land, to a land full of honey and milk at the site of the Canaanite as well as the Hittite and the Amorite along with the Perizzite, as well as of course the Hivite as well as the Jebusite. “Now, see, the cry of the sons of Israel is heard by Me Furthermore, I have witnessed the oppression the Egyptians are at war with them.” Exodus 3:7-9.

Wow! Did you even read this? My God! You’ve stayed in this shambles for a long time. There is no need to be more. He’s listened to them oppress you and take away your rights all these years. He claimed that he’s observed your pain, your tears, your labor and suffering, and the cruelty and savagery of your enemies , and have heard your cry and is about to strike you with a firm hand. Praise God! The Egyptians weren’t just slavery masters to Israelites as they were taskmasters, destiny killers, who were determined to keep the people of God bound forever. The extraordinary growth, multiplication and prosperity turned into a source of worry to the Egyptians. They were worried that the Israelites could overtake them and eventually conquer their land. Therefore, they took every step to stop the Israelites from being repressed of forced labour, slavery as well as brutality, even the elimination. They appointed brutal taskmasters to over labour and break the spirit and strength of the Hebrews. Pharaoh directed the midwives take the lives of the Hebrew newborn male babies however the LORD gave them the strength to disappoint him. He again gave the Egyptians and all the Israelites to throw Hebrew new born baby boys in the Nile and the Almighty managed the situation to save and prepare the deliverer. A crocodile, infested Nile that should serve as an appropriate grave for the newborn babies became a protector and a way to connect to the palace of one of the babies. God has always been in complete control. He is always using the strategies of the enemy to allow us to progress. Remember, the infant Moses was abandoned in a basket near the bank of the river and that was where the King’s daughter was able to see him and then adopted him. He was well-trained , and was equipped at the palace to perform his work that he came for. There he mastered all the art of Egypt and was able to be able to stand, talk to and confront them. Our God is a genius of planning! He took you around to help you prepare for your destiny and what is about to happen within your own life. True.

The moment is now when you’re completely out of the grasp of the enemy. There is always time for everything. This is your opportunity to experience liberty. It’s your time to escape. It’s the time for manifestation. A time to gain back everything you’ve lost. It’s your chance to rest from all those endless troubles and pains. It’s a chance to be freed from physical, emotional and spiritual the shackles and tortures of Satan, demons and evil men and women. It is a time for God to demonstrate his sovereignty and power through you as well as through your situation. He will stop those who have been victimizing you for reasons that are not legitimate. It is time to stop your nightly sighs and endless arguing. He is about to show your enemies that he is the only one who is the ultimate judge in everything. Yes, it’s time to be saved. It is the time for your shame to be completely washed off and for glory to return. With a firm hand, the LORD will deliver you. Your Passover has begun! We’ll keep it going. Share this message.

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