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There have been many occasions that people have asked, “Bob, you do so well on the net What is the secret to getting so much TRAFFIC?!” The answer is simple, serious blogging is not the same thing as successful blogging.

If you’re looking to become successful with your business ventures on the net, you have to become committed to the way you present yourself and promote your blog as well as yourself!

Would you like to learn more about how I bring in 5000 unique readers to my blogevery day?
You will not only learn this here, I will also give you the exact steps toward accomplishing this and it will take place for you in just 90 days if you comply with each step!

The best part about this method is that there isn’t any Ad-sense, and no purchase of any additional online marketing tools and there is the reason why an internet novice can’t accomplish this sort of success.

I am the mastermind/mentor and personal development coach. By helping individuals to develop a strong mindset within themselves, I assist them in running an effective business. There’s a lot buzz on the internet about bringing traffic to your blog but none of the internet’s top bloggers seem to be giving FREE blogging tips for free! They never skip the essential elements.

The formula I’m about I will be sharing I learned it from an source I cannot recall where, so that is the reason why I haven’t yet published a paper on the subject. It’s true that this was not my idea, but I’ve been using it for some time and it has worked! Fair is fair. If you have valuable information that can benefit others, it is best to share with as many others as possible!

Let’s start with the “Formula which will generate 5000 Unique Visitors to Your Blog Everyday, within 90 Days !!!”

Step One:

Blogger is a wonderful and easy place to create blogs. However, when you would like recognized blog traffic,
start a blog with or

Both are excellent blog sites and receive a lot of respect, I’m sure on this!

One of the most important factors to blogging is getting search engines to visit your blog! Pinging is critical to driving traffic to any website. In the past you had manually load your articles into search engines manually. Today, with blogs, each time you add an article, spiders from search engines crawl your site…immediately This means they ping your site!

Step Two

Once you have your blog set up, you will require an address for your domain. There are numerous domain registries out there. One that I personally prefer is Domains Magnetic; the reason is that they’re inexpensive! Visit:-

Your domain name must not be your name or the name you use for your affiliate program, nor the brand name for a item or services. The domain name used for a blog should be a representation of the content of the material found within the blog’s body. The blog you’re reading about is titled “Out-Side the Box Live: The Official Blog”.

As you are aware, Out-Side the Box Live is the new personal development and entrepreneur development online chat show I am getting ready to launch. It is also what I believe my audience thinks. You think outside of the box. It is vital that we all learn to think this way and be surrounded by people who think along the same lines. I personally prefer to be surrounded by “Spiritual Entrepreneurs”

Thus, you need to create an appropriate domain name that is able to communicate the content of your blog.

Step Three

If you’re making use of Google Ad-Sense to promote your blog, you need to stop! Stop now and never do it again! You’ll notice that this blog doesn’t have any of that nonsense on it. I are not in the business of directing people to sites run by people that I have not met or formed connections with. I do not endorse services and products that don’t complement my offerings or services or that I’ve never personally utilized. Also, I don’t post things on my site that generate me 5-15 cents from profits.

So what do you have to include on your blog in order to increase the amount of money you earn? A subscription form. Your sales will rise by having a subscription form on your site. Mine is in the form of a link. If you go to the end of my articles it will have the words “link to sign up”. It will take readers to my sign-up form that will deliver you my e-course, my monthly newsletter and a link to the community of spiritual entrepreneurs I am a part of. This is marketing at its fullest. And whenever I think of a new article all my subscribers will get to read it no cost before I ever publish it as a book!

If you put a subscription or opt-in page on your site You are not just increasing the chances of returning visitors, but also continue to provide people with high-quality info and products… not to mention keeping them informed of any affiliate programs or product you may be promoting. I believe you’re beginning to realize the value of an opt-in form for subscriptions.

Step Four

O.K., Now that you’ve successfully set up your blog, it is time to write an effective article. You want to write your post as strong as it can be. An excellent way to get experience in this is to look over blog posts from the top blogs, or look at this blog by the person who attracted you to this blog! LOL You’re hilarious! !

For an effective post, you need four main ingredients:

1. Identify your audience! What can you do to create an effective blog without knowing who you’re speaking to? If you’ve got a product or service that you are promoting, then discover who would benefit from this product or service. Once you’ve identified who these people are, determine what it is they want to know. After that, let’s proceed to the second element to writing a great post…

2. Find a way to connect what you’re trying to accomplish in your post with what your readers are looking for! If, for instance, you want your readers to buy the vitamins that you are selling and follow the guidelines in the first step that your customers must be ones that are seeking information about vitamins and nutrition. Therefore, you should probably be explaining the advantages of a healthy lifestyle, exercise routine, and, more importantly, they must be taking the right vitamins. You then guide them in a direction where you inform them of the kinds of vitamins they should take. Do not tell them they need to take your vitamins! We aren’t even at the part where you have to promote your product link yet!

3. The third element that is essential to a powerful post is; a repeat of number two…the closer your blog post is to the content readers are searching for and your product…the more sales you’ll make.

4. Ah, the final key ingredient to a powerful blog post…Create a blog post related to what you are trying to accomplish. Isn’t it interesting you can see that one, two, three and four are the same however they are written differently…huh I’m wondering what the reason for that’s so? LOL

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