How News Reporting

Are You A News Writer Or An Article Marketer? Fresh from journalism school more than 20 years ago One among my very first positions was working for The New York Times (D.C. Office) and I was given the privilege of working with several of the top skilled and well-known journalists of the day (Maureen Dowd… Continue reading How News Reporting

News Release Idea Factory

The media’s exposure will position your small company as a credible business and also establish you as an professional in the field in which you work. One of the biggest challenges faced by small-scale businesses is to come up with concepts that media can take note of and want to write an article on. Instead of sitting… Continue reading News Release Idea Factory

It’s Great News

When Jesus made his appearance and delivered his gospel message of Christianity it was received by the masses as exceptionally positive news. Many gathered around him to hear the life-giving words he shared. After his death His followers continued to preach and teaching his methods, and they were also accepted as messengers of the good news. There… Continue reading It’s Great News

How to Promote Your News

It’s the latest album reviews or the latest news on the major budget films about to release in cinemas, the nature of entertainment news across the industry has changed dramatically since the dawn into the new century. While the initial basis for this huge shift were established in the mid-to-late 1990s and beyond, the full-blown effects… Continue reading How to Promote Your News

Powered 24 News

This isn’t a second article on how to create a news releases -, or “press release” which is what it’s commonly referred to. There are plenty of excellent “how to” articles on writing efficient releases. Instead, after writing and reviewing hundreds of news releases over the many years, I’d like to offer the following tips for… Continue reading Powered 24 News

Expansion Beyond the Local Market

Direct selling (also called network marketing affiliate marketing, mlm or affiliate marketing) can be very rewarding. It can be extremely rewarding to own a direct selling business (aka network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing and more.) It’s possible to lose a lot of money, or even frustrate yourself by failing to do the simple things. Unfortunately, most direct… Continue reading Expansion Beyond the Local Market

Healthy Glow Without Taking

If it’s about your skin, it’s impossible to take too much care to keep it healthy and youthful. Whether you’re suffering from a skin condition or wanting younger, healthier skin, an omega 3 skincare treatment can influence your physique in a variety different positive manners. It’s awe-inspiring what a good diet can do to the health… Continue reading Healthy Glow Without Taking