Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Captivate

In essence, the Samsung Captivate is an AT&T version of the Samsung Galay S Smartphone which is built on the Android OS. The major improvements on this phone are the introduction of the Super AMOLED screens which offer a better colors and resolution. The phone now runs on the Hammer processor of 1 GHz. This is intended to… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Captivate

Powered 24 News

This isn’t a second article on how to create a news releases -, or “press release” which is what it’s commonly referred to. There are plenty of excellent “how to” articles on writing efficient releases. Instead, after writing and reviewing hundreds of news releases over the many years, I’d like to offer the following tips for… Continue reading Powered 24 News

Expansion Beyond the Local Market

Direct selling (also called network marketing affiliate marketing, mlm or affiliate marketing) can be very rewarding. It can be extremely rewarding to own a direct selling business (aka network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing and more.) It’s possible to lose a lot of money, or even frustrate yourself by failing to do the simple things. Unfortunately, most direct… Continue reading Expansion Beyond the Local Market

Funny Ferret Facts

Ferrets have the most flexible bones that allow them to get through tiny gaps that will make you wonder, “He went through that hole?” They are able to fit into small holes up to one inch in size and also spaces – under the cabinets, holes in walls and furniture, between appliances and under them through… Continue reading Funny Ferret Facts

Serenity Relaxation Massage Chair

Omega massage has recently released the brand new Serenity Relaxation recliner. This beautifully constructed massage chair comes on an swivel base. It’s a recliner which doesn’t appear like a massage chair. The Serenity relaxation chair is quite a showpiece and can complement the decor at your residence or office beautifully. The serenity massage chair by Omega is quite… Continue reading Serenity Relaxation Massage Chair